I enjoy music and fine craftsmanship.  Throw in a bit of nostalgia and a dash of mojo, and you have the key ingredients for the guitar.  With skill, the combination of wood and metal is transformed into a means of expressive communication.  Iconic. 

I’ve owned my share of guitars and amplifiers over the years.  My two favorites have to be my 1952 Gibson Les Paul and my 1945 Gibson LG-2. Perhaps its the old wood or the checking in the lacquer, or the fact that these instruments were around during times of much change and even a few wars.  They are keepers.

The following pages showcase those instruments in need of a new home, along with those that I have successfully found new owners.  Although it may appear that I am a dealer, each and every instrument on this site was purchased for my personal use and enjoyment. I welcome any trade offers, as I am always looking for vintage guitars and amps.  Add my impulsiveness to the mix and things can get dangerous. Thanks for looking.

Until I find the time to list them, feel free to inquire about any of the “Coming Soon” items.  Also, in case you are a bit apprehensive, kindly take a peek at my testimonials.

Coming Soon (Please inquire):        

1933 National Style O

1973 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe  SOLD

2002 Gibson Les Paul 1957 Historic  SOLD

1946 Martin 000-28 Herringbone

1956 Fender “Tweed” Deluxe

1962 Fender “Brown” Deluxe

1966 Fender BF Deluxe Reverb  SOLD

1962 Magnatone 410

1968 Gibson SG Standard  SOLD


Recently Sold (click to view):  

1936 Gibson L-00

2005 Gretsch G6120 SSLVO Brian Setzer Nashville

1946 Gibson Southern Jumbo

1961 Gibson Les Paul SG

1964 Gibson SG Special

2011 Santa Cruz 1929-00

1963 Gretsch 6120

2010 Collings C10 ssSB

2012 Les Paul Collector’s Choice #4 “Sandy”

1952 Fender Champ 600


a six-string odyssey

“The guitar is the iconic instrument of modern popular music. It is portable, it has history, and it will always be hip.”

“Guitar Man” by Will Hodgkinson

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